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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – ‚Continuum‘ DLC Video veröffentlicht + Release Datum

Activision hat nun erste Informationen zum kommenden am 18. April erscheinende DLC Continuum veröffentlicht. Neben den Inhalten gibt es nun auch einen ersten Trailer.

DLC2: CONTINUUM beinhaltet:

  • 4 Multiplayer Maps: Excess, Turista, Archive, and Scrap
  • Shaolin Shuffle Zombies Map

Details zu den 4 neuen Multiplayer Maps (noch auf Englisch)

  • Turista – A plush spa and resort, Turista is nestled in the middle of a giant skeleton of an ancient creature. With sniper spots scattered across a majestic, central waterfall, Turista also boasts tight interiors for fans of close-quartered combat and a three-lane design that caters to a variety of play styles.
  • Scrap – Set in an abandoned junkyard on the Moon, Scrap features a combination of extended sightlines and tactical pathways that reward players who engage in both long and short range combat.
  • Archive – Fast, frenetic engagements set the pace in Archive, a post-futurist art gallery where tight engagements contrast with open exterior battlegrounds in this wide three-lane style map.
  • Excess – Perched atop a gilded penthouse in a sprawling future metropolis, Excess is a small, circular map re-imagined from the classic Modern Warfare 2 map, Rust, that retains the intense, fast-paced combat from the original.
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